Preparing your Flowers At Stirling Flowers we want to ensure you enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. The Stirling florists have come up with some tips to ensure the longevity of your flowers. The florists in Stirling use only the freshest flowers with every order made to order, this is to ensure high quality everytime. Our Stirling and UK flowers are delivered within the trusted network of Interflora florists. All our orders are made up by one of our florists with each customer specifically in mind.  Our flowers are delivered directly to us from our suppliers in Holland to ensure their absolute freshness and longevity. Due to this fantastic freshness some of the flowers my still be yet to open upon delivery of your flowers. Our bouquets are perfectly gift wrapped and presented to look their finest upon delivery. When you are placing your flowers in a vase remove the wrapping from your flowers first, if you are using your own vase or container ensure it is clean and fill it with lukewarm water. Each one of our network florists recommend removing 2cm from the bottom of each stem at a diagonal angle to allow the stems to drink as much water as possible. Be careful not to have any foliage from your flowers in or touching the waters, the greenery gives off harmful bacteria that can damage the flowers, gerberas are particularly affected by this bacteria. We do not recommend the old fashioned tip of "smashing your stems" this damages the water vessels and stops them absorbing water, causing them to perish early. Maintaining your flowers It is also noteworthy to maintain a reasonable temperature for your flowers anywhere between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius is recommended to keep your flowers in the most suitable environment. If the room is too cool or too warm it can cause damage to the flowers so it is great idea to make sure that your flowers from us are kept in a suitable environment. Try to avoid putting your flowers close to any heat sources in your home as this will dehydrate them. Ripening fruit is also a good idea to avoid placing your flowers near as they release a damaging gas. Direct sunlight is another environmental factor to consider when placing your flowers, avoid direct sunlight at all costs as it makes them age prematurely. Should you have any queries regarding the care of your flowers don't hesitate to give us a call and one of our florists would be happy to assist you.  Arranging your Flowers by Stirling Florists The florists have arranged your flowers depending on the flowers chosen either by yourself or by whom ever ordered the flowers for you. Sometimes they will be in wrapping, which you can easily remove and place the flowers in a vase of your choice. Remember that flowers will need to be looked after to ensure they last for as long as possible. The florists in Stirling have taken care to ensure they last a long time but it is always suggested to cut your flowers before you place them in fresh water to ensure that the flowers are drinking as much water as possible.