Valentine's Day flowers by Stirling florists

Published : 17/01/2015 13:31:52
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Valentine's Day flowers by Stirling florists

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love all over the world. Teens, middle aged people and senior citizens – everybody celebrate it and eagerly wait for it each year. Different people celebrate it in different manners; however, the aim of everyone is the same. It is celebrated to express love to your beloved in amazing ways. Out of all the gift options, flowers are the most popular and traditional option as it is simple yet outstanding.

Flowers are beautiful and they never go out of fashion when given as gifts. Indeed, flowers are the best choice for Valentine’s Day as most people prefer giving them either as a single piece or a bunch of them. Among all the flowers, roses are the most popular choice to be given as V-Day gift, and red roses are the top choice. There are many guys who keep their red roses for Valentine’s Day and give them out to the girl they love and speak their heart out.

Following are top five flowers that are sent out by Stirling florists for Valentine’s Day.


They are the most popular choice for the day of love as they are considered as romantic flower. They are not only loved by everyone as they are soft and delicate but also because they give out a sweet scent. Although all colours of this flower is given out on the special day but the red roses are sold in large numbers. Other colours like pink, yellow, orange and white roses are given out to beloved people to express the emotions. An interesting fact is that there are about 150 different types of roses available. It is important to note that different coloured roses have different meanings. The best thing about roses is that they are never boring and go out of fashion.


These pretty flowers are also popular option for Valentine’s Day. Lilies are not only a sign of romance but they speak elegance too. A bunch of lilies look attractive and classy and serves as an amazing gift option for Valentine’s Day. These flowers also come in a variety of colours and each of them is beautiful. A bunch of lilies with a box of chocolate is a sure way to make a place in the heart of your beloved wife.


The third flower sold by Stirling florists that popularly sell on Valentine’s Day is tulip. This elegant flower is perfect to be gifted to an elegant lady. These pretty flowers are simple yet very attractive. It is an ideal gift for the season of love as it is very romantic. Thousands of tulips are sold out regularly but the red and pink coloured tulips are most popular.


Carnations are popularly sold during the season of love as they are comparatively cheaper than rose and other flowers. They are the perfect choice for women as they are feminine in look and nature. There are a number of colours that a guy can choose from for the lady he truly loves.


Finally, the fifth among top five flowers given out on Valentine’s Day is Alstroemeria. This flower is also called Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily as it is very similar to the regular lilies. It is a beautiful gift option for the special person in life as it looks beautiful when fully blossomed. These flowers are either spotted or variegated which enhances their beauty.

These are the top five flowers that are sent out on Valentine’s Day by Stirling florists. If you are living in Stirling and going to celebrate the Day of Love with your soul mate then you should check out the florists in Stirling. They have a wide range of flowers available to be given out to your beloved one. You may choose to buy a single flower, a couple of them or a complete bunch to be given to your lover. It is a good idea to give chocolates, teddy bears or any other gifts along with the flowers. If you are a married guy and want to surprise your wife early in the morning then you can pre-order a bouquet of flowers and get it delivered to your home early in the morning. When the flower guy comes then you can send your wife to open the door to get a beautiful, flowery surprise.

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