List of Autumn Flowers Stirling

Published : 08/11/2014 15:47:51

List of Autumn Flowers Stirling

List of Autumn Flowers Stirling

There are many people who relate flowers and summer together. We always expect to see the flowers blooming everywhere in the middle of the summer. It is a fact that summer brings out some of the beautiful flowers but in the autumn time they also do not shy away from doing so. During autumn times you find lots of beautiful flowers. Many of the Flowers Stirling that the florists supply can be obtained all year round but there are some of the flowers that can only be found at certain time of a year. Here are the lists of some of the autumn flowers Stirling.


Autumn Flowers Stirling 

1. Dahlias: This autumn flower grows from an underground tuber. There are around 42 species of this flower but the hybrids one are most commonly grown in the garden. The dahlias are found in various colours so you should carefully choose the colour of the flower that harmonizes with the rest of the garden. The form of this flower is variable which has one head per stem. The stems of it are leafy in nature and the height of it range from 30 cm to 1.8-2.4 m. 

2. Salvias: This flower is easy to cultivate generally which grow quickly and flowering readily. It is the largest genus of the pants from the mint family. The stems of it are at angles typically. 

3. Echinacea: This flower helps to attract bees, butterflies and other insects into the garden. It is a group or genus of herbaceous flowering plants that is from the daisy family. These flowers have large and showy heads which bloom from spring to autumn. Some of its species are used for preparation of the herbal medicine. 

4. Camellia: The camellia flowers signal the beginning of the autumn and it thrives in part shade. These are the small trees or evergreen shrubs. Its flowers from Flowers Stirling are large and conspicuous usually. The colours of these flowers are available at Flowers Stirling in pink, yellow, red, white and others.

5. Hibiscus: This is a lovely autumn flower which is from the mallow family. It is also known as rose mallow. Its genus includes small trees and woody shrubs as well as annual and perennial herbaceous plants. It has large petals which is trumpet shaped and have five or more petals. The colours of the flowers are pink, red, white, yellow, purple and orange. 

6. Tibouchina: These flowers are found in both spring and autumn and it is from the family of Melastomataceae. These flowers are also known as glory trees and glory bushes. These are native to rainforests of Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

7. Gordonia: The Gardonia flower is from the family of Theaceae. There are around 40 species of its plants. These are the evergreen trees that grow 10 to 20 m tall. The bark of it is thick and is deeply fissured. The leaves of it are arranged alternately which is serrated, simple, leathery, glossy and thick and is 6 to 18 cm long. The flowers of it are conspicuous and large. The diameter of it is 4 to 15 cm. It is usually of white colour from Flowers Stirling.

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